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BOTB12 - Best Large Board Final

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  • BOTB12 - Best Large Board Final




    Originally Posted by Rainer Maria Rilke

    Sound, no longer measurable
    with sense of hearing. As if that tone
    outstripping us on every side
    were space maturing.

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    I just want to see my children


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      Tough choice, but went for AngryGoldfish
      Originally Posted by DunwichAmps

      meh. more fuzz and dist


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        Wow, this was a hard choice....KoskineN


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          KoskineN !!
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            I'm a fan of angrygoldfish's board evolution

            Good deals lonk


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              I have no idea what's going on in that suitcase, but that setup appeals to me the most.

              I didn't come here to save whales, I came here to get laid and make rock 'n' roll


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                Thanks man. In hindsight I need to remember to tag stuff, my bad.

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                  Koskine N
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                    wheres the ilovefuzz, laura bennett love?
                    this is my 1 post for the month.


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                      Damn, this is tighter than a *insert sexual orifice joke here*.
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                        Is it ever gonna end?
                        ((( KoskineN )))

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