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OT: Please send positive thoughts our way.

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  • OT: Please send positive thoughts our way.


    Please send positive thoughts our way for my little man Jackson. He has a couple of herniated disks and is likely to have to go in for surgery. The neurologist recommended it but she's going to do an MRI to make extra sure he needs it first. If he does he'll be having it done today. He has a heart murmur so we're always concerned when he has to be put under for anything, but the doctor says this is his best option for a full recovery. If we wait it out and see he could permanently lose the use of his hind legs.

    The surgery is expensive...about $5500-$8500. The good news is we were able to get our pet emergency card limit raised to cover the cost,'s still a lot of money.

    Not a lot of good news today unfortunately (got a cold...just found out my main band is breaking up because our singer/bassist is giving up on music) but this is definitely the worst. Please keep Jackson in your thoughts today.
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    Get well soon Jackson
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      jeez, that's rough. hoping for the best, for jackson!


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          expensive dog surgery

          that **************** is bananas
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            Positive thoughts your way.

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              Hope things go well! I had/have 2 herniated discs and I can assure you he will be sooo much happier when this is fixed.
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                thats horrible, im sorry to hear that. (i dont want to sound like a heartless ****************************, its just the way my brain works) id ask about the liklihood of it being a successful surgery. my parents vet offered to do some $5k procedure after their cat was in an accident and i casually, out of nervousness or something, asked that and without even hesitating they responded that the cat would probably die.

                i hope things turn out well for you.


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                  Much MOJO OMB. Sorry to hear that your pooch is hurting and sorry about the band.


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                    Dude that's all really rough news. Much mojo sent.


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                      i just sent some good vibrations out your way, should be getting them shortly. hang in there jackson!


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                        Mojo sent for the little fellow...


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                          Bad news. A friend of mine lost his dog to a random slipped disc, not before spending close to

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                            Mojo sent!


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                              Sorry for your loss. I had to put down my dog as well.
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