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  • FTT Iron Forest (vid)

    New distortion pedal from Yuki Hayashi's Free The Tone company (Japan). They make fairly high end stuff. Yuki was the head designer/builder at Providence before he went out on his own. I believe he still lends his knowhow to Providence.


    With humbuckers.


    With singles.


    And a Christmas bonus : The Gigs Boson OD (also new from FTT).

    Disclosure: I have mutual agreements with PRS, Smitty Custom Guitars, HIWATT UK, Laney Amplification, Providence, Free The Tone, Lava Cables, Voodoo Lab and several dozen pedal companies whom I've bartered videos-for-pedals with.
    Youtube channels 1 & 2.

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    Dude I just realized we are strangely in common! We both LOVE FLOYD ROSE DESIGNED GUITARS!!! ((((()))))

    Mines is a Kramer Sustainor , i Used to write about "my rig blowing my mind", and actually that condition is caused by the Sustainor. Which fell victim to input jack conspiracies of unknown origin, that rectified itself years later thanks to George L's Guitar cords.

    But anywho the sustainor Itis high gloss jet back with a neck...well it was said all the body contours of the sustainor are modeled from Floyd's beloved Favorite Pre CBS strat. Its prolly the best neck ive ever played then you turn on the sustainor pickup . Mines is black with a black axesack thingy, like a dog sweater for your guitar.

    i think you need a sustainor burgs! i saw a nice white one on the bay, THe LeD was Lime green though on white.