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    moog murf for me!
    Gear: Fender American TeleFender Thin-skin JMFender Vibroverb '63 RiToo many pedlolsGreat deals with: Henry_13 (x2), HeartfeltDawn (x2), loobs, theboywho, gambit (x2), ghjhardwick, Used_666 (x2), Loobs, brandnewzo, SG1 too many others I can't remember


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      Amp buy of the year: Fender DRRI...In blonde

      Geetar: Les Paul Deluxe GT. Seriously overpaid it though, but dang what a nice intstrument

      Peds: Red Witch Fuzz God II, Mooer cruncher.


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        Guitar: Didn't really buy a guitar that I still have per se, but the complete overhaul I did on my stereo strat (including a different neck) is the best guitar change made this year.

        Amp: Only bought one but it's great. Vintage Traynor YSR-1.

        Pedal: Probably a 4-way tie, really. Mobius, JCM Pre, Echorec, and Supernatural are really rocking my world and have allowed me to really take my sound to the next level.


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          Guitar - Squier JMJM. still feels like i stole it, even at the regular shop price.. classy instrument.

          Pedlolz - Jamman Stereo (good price), Morley Mini-Volume (finally, no tone suck! ends the hunt), Strymon Flint (finally, near-infinite decay! but it's still a
          Youtube Pedal Vids
          For Sale: (including special delivery in UK)
          ToneFactor Nebular - £40
          Line 6 RotoMachine - £46
          Good deals: Sikor, daysofspeed, joeyowen, melx, WAWbanks, Vince, woolyh, HeartfeltDawn, messiah, T3, dangerous dan, starsteam, Netstar, gae86, theboywho, Mike_Muse_Rage, SG-1, kpd78, AJ Nash, Vintage_freak, percyexpat


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            1) Swart AST: sounds amazing, broke my finger not long after getting it though!

            2) Moog 104-m (for free really): sold my 104-z and even though i preferred the 104-z i found a way around it and now everyone's happy (thanks maxon!)

            3) EHX 2880 (trade for something I forget): annoying and fidgety but that's what i like.


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              1a. Ibanez DE-7

              1b. EHX holy grail (older metal box)


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                Moffa Maryan

                London Jazz Guitar Society: http://www.meetup.com/LondonJazzGuitarSociety/


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                  Quote Originally Posted by DaveinLondon
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                  Moffa Maryan

                  gorgeous. not something i would play, but man so beautiful.


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                    Guitars: a toss up between these 2 (both are my number 1's... Just depending on what sound I'm looking for)...

                    Pedal: probably the EP Booster... But the Flint, Wet, and Naga Viper are all incredible pedals too.

                    Amp: bought a Marshall Class 5 back in January I think... But sold that in favor of just getting a second cab for my Gabriel head. So yeah... Nothing.

                    Overall... The Gibson Les Paul Standard is probably the winner... But it's also the guitar I've always wanted. The ASAT Special is also a phenomenal guitar too; just different.
                    Guitars. Pedals. Amps.
                    deals: bradino, neatobassman, Used666, juri, echodeluxe, aporcelainsky, Crxsh, -Andrew-, notjonahbutnoah... and lotz moar


                    • guitar: squier jazzy. It's my only electric right now and I feel like I'll never grow tired of it.

                      pedal: ss/bs Mini. It's pretty much become my base tone. Stacks so well with my AB Synth and TAFM, I'm confident I'm set on dirt for a while.
                      JM>Fuzz>M9>Traynor YCV50


                      • no gear this year, but new glasses... really my best "best buy of the year"
                        Good Deals with: CM1000, Hides-His-Eyes, HeartfeltDawn, Kayzer, kpd78, Neoflox, Sikor, SilenceSketches, Snufkino a. WAWBanks... !!"Sometimes you've got to stand out to fit in."


                        • Quote Originally Posted by DaveinLondon
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                          Moffa Maryan

                          Quote Originally Posted by goaway
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                          gorgeous. not something i would play, but man so beautiful.


                          I can't tell, is it a floating pickup?


                          • this.



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                              Behringer UV-300, I'm not one for Chinese craftsmanship, but this one is a lot of fun. The Boss VB-2 goes for $600 on Ebay these days, so that's not really an option.

                              Agreed, fantastic pedal. I don't know how close it comes to the VB-2 but it has become an integral part of my sound. I just wish they'd charge
                              Guitars: Strat (w/ Custom shop 69’s), Fender 52 RI Tele (w/Seymour Duncan Antiquities)
                              Amp: Marshall JCM800, Fender PRRI, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (w/ Celestion Vintage 30)
                              Effects: Teese Picture Wah, MJM London Fuzz, Dunlop JHF1, Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe, Z Vex BoR, Korg Pitchblack, Demeter Tremulator, Line 6 M9

                              Good deals: elfroi, eerock, shouhenggoh, Snufkino, KarateSchnitzel, Mike Muse Rage


                              • By far the 1952 J-45 my wife gave me as an early xmas present. Wanted and hunted for one for years and finally got one. Its a total dream too. Like my wife!