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    Guitar: Gibson Midtown std

    Pedal: Klon KTR
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      Guitar: Gibson Midtown std

      Pedal: Klon KTR (Zoom G3 runner up)
      ******For Sale*******ZVEX SHODanelctro Cool Cat Chorushttp://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Effects/ZVEX-EQD-Tremolo-midi-pedal-etc/m-p/35322845#U35322845


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        just an M5 for me, you TGP'ing bitches
        great deals with Urinate Forever and stratedge09

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        Cheers, Lucius.

        the.Orange.congolomorate Thunderverb 50 sucka!
        SG ARMY


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          my best buy of the year still has to be my fender champ 600. I had to sell so much and this year has been a bad year for gear but still, got that lovely little amp.
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            Its funny how looking back you realize how much crap you acquire in a short timeframe.

            Boutique pedals: Octophant (of course), Scored a bunch of gems from small builders here on HCFX, enough to build a board out of - Made by Mike, Lowbrow, Blakemore, Aaron, Drasp, Mid-Fi, etc

            Non-boutique pedals: iStomp, BD-2, SD-1, PH-1r, CE-2, DM-3, PN-2

            Amp: Custom made 5e3 head

            Guitar: Squire Mascis JM

            Bass: Double bass / upright bass / bass fiddle

            edit: I've added to this post at least 4 times, I think I need a gear buying vacation in 2013.

            Originally Posted by Naterel

            Itchyfingers gets my vote, his pedals scream class

            Originally Posted by bird turbo

            I have a kid like that in the band I play in at my church. I just wanna kick in his little face.

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            it sounds like a pitbull is eating the Universe.


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              Guitar: G&L Tribute ASAT Bluesboy

              Amp: Peavey Delta Blues

              Pedal: Probably Keeley Rat or OCD

              Misc.: Fender CS Nocaster pickups
              Guitars:G&L Tribute ASAT Classic BluesboyFender 50th Anniversary Strat, Classic 50s Telecaster, and others.Pedals:Pitchblack>EP Booster>Classic 108 Fuzz> SD-1>OCD>Keeley Rat>Hoof>DLS MKiii>Small Stone>TR-2>Flashback>Spring TheoryAmp:Peavey Delta Blues


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                My 1957 Gretsch 6120 I bought in an antique shop with the amp, cowboy case and strap. Not a mark on the guitar, case and original glass and even the replacement fuse envelope unopened on the inside of the amp.

                Or I traded someone a Cyber amp for this dead mint RE-201 with the original cover, manual, cleaning kit, etc... Needed a good cleaning.


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                    It was a crazy good year for me with gear.

                    Best (and only) new amp: Tungsten Crema Wheat (for $750 all said and done)

                    Best (and only) new guitar: Fender MIJ J Mascis Jazzmaster

                    Best new pedal: it's a toss up between the Flint and El Cap.


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                      Slate and Waves plugins during the end of the year blowout sales


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                        Only gear purchases this year (and pretty much since '06) are a Lovetone Doppelganger and a Cheese Source.

                        Both amazing. Best buy would be the Doppelganger purely because I got an amazing deal on it; it's a V2 (ie. w/ the square wave and slow LFO1 switches) and I got it for $650.00 w/box and manual.
                        Gear: '89 Jackson --> Diezel Einstein combo. Lovetone and Moog pedals.


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                          I think the only thing I bought this year was the Freeze.

                          So, that!
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                            Mesa F-30, used at GC. Don't remember what it cost, I think somewhere around $500. I very happy with it.




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                              Quote Originally Posted by TomVanDeven
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                              I think the only thing I bought this year was the Freeze.

                              So, that!

                              You're my hero, TVD. I imagine you being all responsible and forward-thinking with your $$$ rather than buying loads of gear that doesn't matter.
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                              Sound, no longer measurable
                              with sense of hearing. As if that tone
                              outstripping us on every side
                              were space maturing.


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                                I bought almost nothing, except an EHX Cathedral. I did buy a Moog Slim Phatty and a DSI Mopho X4, which make me horny