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    Mesa Boogie Mark V

    Couple of SD-1's

    Steve Kahn's Chord Kahncepts
    Past (soon to be present hopefully) Youtube Vids



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      Nocaster pups

      Sweet Honey Overdrive - absolutely love this pedal!


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        Kavanjo banjo pickup system. No longer need 2 amps.
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          amp: Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb. Slagged for not sounding like a BF Vibrolux, this beast has the exact kind of breakup I was looking for at club volumes. Most importantly, it's light enough to carry with one arm (and not rip that arm out of its socket).

          pedal: a few good ones this year, but the overall most useful has surprisingly been the Deluxe Memory Boy. My beloved DMM is reserved for messing around; it's not necessary on my board anymore.

          guitar (and best overall): I didn't get a guitar per se, but I bought a replacement alder, oly white, nitro-finished body on eBay for my old MIJ Tele(came with a handwound pickup, to boot). Drilled a few holes, slapped some parts I had laying around, threw in a Muy Grande neck pickup, wired it up and bam -- I have a guitar that equals my AVRI Tele.


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            Great thread!

            Guitars: Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster (Instantly became my #1)

            Pedals: Eventide Timefactor (ended my rotating delay situation.)

            Amps: Toss up between the Fender Twin Reverb Re-Issue and the ZT Lunchbox. Both are phenomenal at what they do.
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            then comes years of waiting for sweet death.


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              Zoom B3. Good effects, good sims, looper, USB interface (that works flawlessly with Ubuntu), and a great silent practice tool.


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                Not sure about this. I have really liked my SG Special but got that in December '11. Maybe the Mascis Jazzmaster, pedal wise it's basic, but I love the Walrus Mayflower.


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                  Barber LTD SR
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                    Ibanez ARZ307, a great guitar and not just because it's cheap.
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                      No pedals this year. My only guitar related purchase was my Kopp K-35



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                        Guitar: MIJ Fender Jaguar Baritone Special

                        Amp: Dunwich Annunaki

                        Pedal: It's a toss up between my Dr. Sci elements, timeline, and space.....
                        Gear: Bass / Baritone Offsets, Dunwich / Orange / Peavey Amps, Emperor Cabs, [B.A.T, Dr. Scientist, Verellen, Monolith + Strymon Pedals]....

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                          ****************! forgot to list teh Demo Tape Fuzz indeed!
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                            Gibson SG standard w/ p90's.. Perfect playing/sounding guitar.
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                              Toss up between my G0 (left) and R0 (right). Think I'm leaning towards the R0 at the moment.

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                                probably the particle