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Smashing Pumpkins Vs Pearl Jam

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  • Smashing Pumpkins Vs Pearl Jam

    Help me settle a work argument. Better over all Band. My point Pearl Jam 10 and Siamese Dream are both equal and great. Pearl Jam never made anything that was as good as Gish or Mellon Collie. I say Smashing Pumpkins are better.

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      they are both great, one does not need to better than the other.
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        Smashing Pumpkins for musicianship and diversity of work.


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          if you spell each backwards you would get 'snikpmup gnihsams and maj lraep'. these letters transposed would allow one to spell

          'Spasms Humping Kin' > 'Maple Jar'.

          which is best- who the F wants a maple jar? not me. smashing pumpkins takes this one.


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            Pumpkins destroy Pearl Jam and Soundgarden (even though they are both still good bands).

            In b4 "omg Belly Krogers has the worst voice evaaarrr" posts


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              I don't think they're that comparable. My preference though, by a margin of like a billion+ to 1, is Pearl Jam. Sort of the Grateful Dead for a younger generation, and kinda morphing into a Bob Dylan type of political action sort of cause too. I don't see that with Smashing Pumpkins at all. Also like Eddie's voice a lot more, even if he mumbles (as do I).


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                Hated Pearl Jam and their fans...i have a lot of good friends that are PJ fans and i secretly hate them too..

                so SP all the way.
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                  I more of PJ fan but I do like Smashing Pumpkins. I cant stand Billy Corgan he's such ass..


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                    Quote Originally Posted by IRG
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                    I don't think they're that comparable. My preference though, by a margin of like a billion+ to 1, is Pearl Jam.

                    This. Pearl Jam was also one of the best concerts I've ever been to and Smashing Pumpkins was by far the worst.


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                      i can't really stand either

                      if i had to choose i'd prefer pearl jam i guess
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                          Not really a fan of either, but Pearl Jam doesn't make my ears hurt.
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                            Visceral Dyonisian angst



                            Cerebral Apollonian angst


                            Completely different aesthetics where I'm concerned , and I appreciate both equally.


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                              Pearl Jam...the Dave Matthews Band of alt. rock