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    I own the Blues Driver, and I love it! I never hear anything about it when people suggest OD pedals. I was wondering if any of you guys know how it compares to OTHER overdrive pedals, like the TS9, the Bad Monkey, or just any brand for that matter! I'm mainly just curious, but if I'm missing out on a really awesome OD that blows my BD-2 outta the water I may reconsider.
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    The BD-2 is very unique pedal. Really not much to compare it to. The BD2 really shines through a tube amp on verge of break up. Keeping gain below 9 o'clock you get great transparent boost. The Bad Monkey is TS9 clone with a better eq. The TS9 has a mid range bump with a little compression. Great pedal with Fender amps when you really need to push mids. If your looking for a good upgrade. A good place to start is Barber, Timmy, or VFE. The Timmy is arguably one most transparent pedals on the market today. A HCFX favorite. Barber and VFE have ton of different overdrives very well priced. I myself prefer VFE (smaller footprint).


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      BD2 owns. Its up there with the rat, ts9 ect as a classic overdrive for me.


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        I have one that I used as a clean boost after all my other dirts. It worked well for that, especially when switching from my les paul to my strat without fiddling with the amp volume. It got kicked off my board when I got a TS9, but I'm not selling it.