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I almost bought a Klon KTR last night


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  • I almost bought a Klon KTR last night

    had it in my cart but hesitated...

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    it would be an BIG improvement for Smaller Grab and Go Boards!


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      Don't do it bro, too much money, too much hype. Don't believe the writing on the pedal btro.
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        I have a couple old ones I bought at a store I worked in back in 94-98 and I bought a new one because I have known Bill for many years. All sound really good.


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          Tubah screamah!
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          Originally Posted by IRG:
          "reunula speaks the trooth"


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            Also, #YOLO
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              Since I keep getting asked...

              It was at Humbucker Music.... $281. They made a fb post that they got 5 in. I had it in my cart but didn't really want it other than to flip on TGP. So I sought counsel with Bax, jtro and goof. Then it was gone.


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                step away from the check out button.


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                  It's a nice pedal and you would have liked it.
                  Originally Posted by Rainer Maria Rilke

                  Sound, no longer measurable
                  with sense of hearing. As if that tone
                  outstripping us on every side
                  were space maturing.


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                    I have to say, I've known a lot of people with Klon's over the years but never played one until a few months ago. I sat in with a friends band last month, his rig was a strat, original Klon, a Carbon Copy, into a DRRI with just a little hair on it. When I kicked on the Klon, it was pretty great sounding. Definitely got me interested in the new one.

                    ...the tone sounded like the back of my ass on taco tuesday.

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                      Get an Arc Effects Klone.
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                        My bet is that the Klon is gonna be trendy around here this year.
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                          Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Fiscal
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                          Get an Arc Effects Klone.


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                            Well the builder is getting the hype started again. According to Humbucker, when they contacted their buyer he said the Klon guy had "gone dark" and wasn't going to be building anymore anytime soon.

                            But remember, it isn't he that started all of the hype....


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                              i need one of these klons badly.