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NAD: I just got Blues Jr'd

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    Don't hate cos Hendrix wasn't a fan of teh 5 delayz.


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      Awesome Sauce
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        Noice! The closest I came to a Blues Jr, was a MIA tweed Pro Jr. Probably the cheapest amp I ever had, and that's saying a lot. It also probably had the best sounding cleans of 'em all. Happy NAD!


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          Dude those things sound great. The C.Rex helps a lot and also they look so much cooler, IMO. HNAD.


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            Quote Originally Posted by Van_Muddlestein
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            Dude those things sound great. The C.Rex helps a lot and also they look so much cooler, IMO. HNAD.

            i kinda prefer the all-green humboldt hot-rod but i couldn't find one anywhere and as far as i know this is pretty much the same amp. The emerald/cream 2 tone is growing on me for sure though.
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              I just saw that amp at GC this weekend,and I really dig the color scheme. I bed that baby rocks. Congrats.
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                That's awesome. Happy NAD.
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