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    Looking for a metal distortion. Something with good muscular thumping low end that can get in engl fireball territory.
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    my personal favs.

    Mi Megalith - just a great pedal

    Okko Dominator - very amplike, from smooth to heavy.

    Railhead TUA - great low end, strange EQ and a bit fuzzy in the high end.
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      A Mesa dual rectifier or a peavey 5150 will do the trick
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        The Elements.
        Originally Posted by DunwichAmps

        meh. more fuzz and dist


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            Quote Originally Posted by Jisatsu
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            A Mesa dual rectifier or a peavey 5150 will do the trick

            This. Or for a little less money, I'm sure a single rectifier, maybe with whatever dirt pedal you already have, will SOUND a lot better than ANY silly pedal


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                Blackstar Dist-X

                The Okko isn't that great imho
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                  I have both of these:

                  They both are low noise. The Dominator is really good and its EQ is extremely versatile, especially the midrange knob and the mids switch. The Pisdiyauwot is just as good but is voiced differently with more highs. Actually the Emma has a wider gain range and I use it not only for high gain but also for low gain sounds, it produces a chimey overdrive at low gain with the right EQ (!). I have also used them together on at the same time for an interesting blend, that sound is still relatively noise free. The Okko sounds really good boosted with a treble booster for a midrange heavy lead tone also. I have not used them at a gig so at high volume they might not work.


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                    I've got one of these arriving Tuesday. Cannot phucking wait!

                    Notice anything wrong with that pedal?

                    The switches are not labeled. One is for off/on, the other is for Boost. And why aren't the LED's above the switches?

                    BTW, I've run across a number of peeps who pronounce Wampler as Wham-plur. It's supposed to be Whom-plur, FYI.

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                      Had the Pisdi and Dominator. Spent a bunch of time with the Openhaus. I've spent time with plenty of other high-gain pedals, but those are the best for metal that I have tried.

                      They all sound good. They're all worth a gander. Two things:

                      1) A Riot + EQ can outperform the Okko; just better mid content

                      2) Nothing will really be able to simulate the weight and "thud" of a 4x12 can. One of these pedals, into a Fender clean, into a 4x12 should get you there. Into an open back 1x12 pine cabinet? Naw.

                      5150s can be had cheap but they sound like **************** unmodded.
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                        Plus one on a 412 helping a lot.

                        I use the elements into a sparkly fendery clean into a 412 and though I don't go for metal tone, it's well within my reach.
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                          Quote Originally Posted by ispunk
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                          0:17 Fail

                          Gibson has nothing to do with it. It's humbuckers that have the sound, not Gibson.

                          In case anyone hasn't heard, there are more guitars out there than Fender and Gibson.

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                            The Elements will get you there and then some.
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                              Another vote for the elements. Also, another vote for the MI Megalith.

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