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Got the JamMan Stereo, a few questions...


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  • Got the JamMan Stereo, a few questions...

    After much research and hesitation I finally went ahead and bought it. Good deal too, 1750 swedish crowns (about $270). The JamMan is a very nice looper with features I've missed. Such as Undo, quantization, being able to save loops and such. The deal breaker was the Rhythm Out, but that has yet to be tested with a drummer. Up till now my looping has ben done with a DD-20.

    The first thing I want to know is, can I play saved loops consecutively? Say I have recorded a verse, brigde and chorus on the 12th, 13th, and 14th slot. Is it possible to play along to the verse and while it is playing let the JamMan know that I want it to jump to the bridge next. And then the chorus and so on. I can't find anything in the manual, nor did it work when I tried during playback.


    Never mind the question above. Consecutive looping IS possible, just tried it and it worked. Don't know why it didn't the first time.

    Second, I use the quantization quite a lot. I just tap the tempo and start looping. By doing this, the metronome starts playing and once the tempo is set I can't turn the sound off. Or can I? I just want to find the tempo, tap it and then shut the metronome off until I start looping. I hope I'm making myself understood.

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