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OT: My wife did the most horrific thing, NOONE DESERVES THIS


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  • OT: My wife did the most horrific thing, NOONE DESERVES THIS

    I've been a member of this forum since 2003 but I am no longer using the account I registered with because my (soon to be ex) wife might read my post and I don't want her to have the satisfaction.

    I'll be honest, I need some encouragement. I need some help. I've been married for nearly two years to a woman with a son from another man. We've had conflicts about her visiting the boy's dad. She always puts on a bunch of make up and looks like she is going on a date when she takes him over there. I mean, how the **************** is that normal?

    We had an argument this morning, and it got heated to the point that I implied that she couldn't be trusted with her ex. She locked herself in the bathroom and I went to work. I spent all day trying to think of what to say and called her and apologized like a dumb ass.

    I wound up working late to make up for the stuff I didn't finish this morning due to being so upset, and she surprised me by calling asking why I was late. I explained, and she became oddly nice to me.. said I was working too hard lately and needed to come home and give her make up sex. She said she'd be waiting in bed for me.

    I pretty much tripped over my own feet leaving the office, practically in tears with joy because everything finally felt ok, and I thought I was worried about nothing earlier. Not to mention, we have not had sex in weeks because of our constant fighting/conflicting work schedule.

    When I got home, the door was unlocked. I noticed her son's stuff was gone and there was an empty wine bottle on the kitchen counter. I figured she was drunk.. but when I got to our bedroom, she was laying on OUR damned bed that my parents bought us naked with all the lights on and .. it's so ****************ing hard to type this without breaking the keyboard.. the first thing my eyes made contact with were her eyes, staring smugly at me.. the next thing I know, I'm looking at her pussy with a giant glob of cum extended down to the sheets and a dark circle where she had been sitting.

    It still doesn't seem real, the smell in the room was overwhelming.. I kept thinking how much sweating and sex it takes to make that smell, and my vision was replaced with these vivid recollections of the faces she makes during hard sex.

    She told me that I was right about not being able to trust her, and it was just a matter of time before she slipped and ****************ed her ex, today being the day. I just stood there shaking, hoping she'd say it was a cruel prank and that it was shampoo in her pussy SOMETHING to bring this out of the bear trap I walked into, and she went on asking me if I liked the amount of cum that was in her pussy, saying she had forgotten how much semen "real men" produce.

    When I asked her how she can be so ****************ing cruel over a stupid argument and do something as sick and hurtful to someone who loved her, she just said she was going to give me sloppy seconds, but I took so long to get home that the cum in her pussy was cold so I "even ****************ed that up."

    I don't know what to do. She left and I have nowhere to go.. this house stinks and is a mess. I have to be at work at 7am, and calling in is not an option. I remember everything in such vivid detail, when I close my eyes I see her face and I can hear them both laughing at me. I know what she's doing right now, I could still see the horny look in her eyes before she left, but this time the lust wasn't for me.

    Summary: My wife had her ex over and ****************ed him in our bed because we had an argument where I said something that came out wrong, then she punished me by showing me her messy pussy and calling the amount of cum I produce inadequate. To make things worse, I am in deep **************** at work and have to be there at 7am no chance of taking off the day.

    How can anyone deal with this kind of stress? I am shaking like a leaf. I can't call my friends or family because this is so humiliating.

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    Did I just read what I though I read?
    I'm done with this site.


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      Can someone move this to OpenJam.. I'm on a ****************ing roll today, I can't even post threads right


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        i got nothing


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          Kill her.

          Ops, did I say that?
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          On Mayers playing... I think he is writing to try and impress the wrong kind of chicks. He is writing to impress the Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton crowd. Anniston thinks his music is seriously "intense" so its working. If you think about it we're all just trying to impress the chicks. I think I write or play to impress the hot cool hippy chicks not mega millionaires actresses, thats why he sounds plastic.


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            Dude that's ****************ed up. Make sure you go to work though. No sense in ruining your life over her, that is what she wants. Drink a bottle or smoke a bowl, get to bed, wake up the next morning and drown yourself in work. The next day you have off go out and do something. Go to a bar, go **************** some chick, anything to take your mind off of her. I have never been in a situation like this and if I were I'd probably be shaking like a leaf too.

            If you have any photos or videos of her naked be sure to post them online. I'm not talking about here but post them online at other porn sites. Then start showing the link to people. That'll make her happy.
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              Did you **************** her or what?
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                If this is real, divorce her and never look back.
                That is an evil woman.


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                  good god.

                  um, wow. uh, i dont know man. thats insane. i cant imagine the hurt you must be feeling.

                  graphic post though. yikes.
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                    Damn dude, if this is real, like Jeff said, forget her. Honestly, it's better than you now have a chance to move on and be happy than be stuck with such a sick individual.
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                      I just stood there shaking, hoping she'd say it was a cruel prank and that it was shampoo in her pussy...

                      Ah, the old shampoo in the pussy ruse.
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                      Originally Posted by zero=infinity

                      I have been forced to register after years of lurking. This is truly epic.

                      I'm from Waukesha, currently living in Milwaukee. Where does this **** live??

                      I want this to make national news.


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                        Lou Speed wrote:
                        I just stood there shaking, hoping she'd say it was a cruel prank and that it was shampoo in her **bleep**...

                        Ah, the old shampoo in the **bleep** ruse.

                        How the **bleep** did you get this back?

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                      I'm done with this site.


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                        I've been a member of this forum since 2003 but I am no longer using the account I registered with because my (soon to be ex) wife might read my post and I don't want her to have the satisfaction.

                        Wait a minute: new account name or not, wouldn't she know this was you who posted?


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                          Ah, the old shampoo in the pussy ruse.


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                            wow, sorry bro. Leave her and kik her out of the house and get a restraining order. No ****************ing second chances. You didn't do anything wrong. She was a disaster waiting to happen, trust me!!