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Muting the wet output when a pedal is disengaged? (Micro POG)


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  • Muting the wet output when a pedal is disengaged? (Micro POG)

    Agh! I had asked this question a few days ago, and I saw briefly yesterday an explanation about what to snip to make it so that the wet output on my Micro POG goes completely mute when i disengage the pedal. I was planning on using that post and doing it today. But now I can't find the thread! Can anyone help me, again.

    The Micro POG has a wet output and a dry output, but when it's disengaged, the wet output switches over to just sending out the dry output. I want to be able to run out from just the wet output and have this signal chain completely muted when i kick the pedal off. I've been able to do this with a boss OC-3 by running out from the wet and plugging in a dummy cable to the dry output, but Micro POG won't work like that. What can I do??

    Thanks (again!)

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    Are you allowed to have "wet' in the title?


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      you'd probably be better off just building a small mute pedal and putting it right after the wet output of the pog. then you just use that as the bypass switch