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    In case no one can figure it out, I'm pelliott.


    My old e-mail address (now defunct) was linked to my account. I can't receive e-mails to it anymore, and as such I can't get a reset code from the website. Phil, is there anyway you can reroute it to my newer address? If not, I guess I'll wallow here. It's fine. WHatever. Be that way.

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    I am having problems as well, I can't confirm the e-mail address to my user, despite it allowing me to post this morning... 


    Elessar [Sly]

    Real user: Elessar [Sly] but the new site won't let me confirm my e-mail address! Please can someone sort this out =[Elessar [Sly] Post count 4,277Selling Digitech RP3


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      It's dark and I'm scared and I don't have all my posts and I found out my internet girlfriend doesn't exist this is the worst birthday ever

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    Phil I'm having the same problem..   This is Tattoedsailor by the way.


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      Testing . . .


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        Same Elessar [Sly]

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        I'm still waiting to hear back on the best way to get around the problems associated with this issue. You're certainly not the only one with similar problems. The main issue is that when you re-registered, you used the email address you want to use for the OLD account, which the system won't let me re-use since it's already in use on the new one.

        We'll figure out a way to get around that - it may be as "drastic" as deleting your new account, then editing the old one with the new email address, then sending out the password reset email to the new address... and there's two or three admin login / logout steps involved in the middle of all of all that in order to make it work - which is all far too time consuming to do on a one-by-one basis... which is why I'm hoping for a solution from the Lithium folks. One solution seems to be in the works, and hopefully it will be available soon.

        Believe me - we (Craig, myself, etc.) consider this to be one of the top priority issues that needs to be addressed, and we're pushing hard to see that it gets taken care of just as soon as possible.



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          You're the man, Phil.


          I know i'm not the only one but I'm certainly most important. Clearly.