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    My band:

    Originally Posted by christianatl

    It's new butt **************** day.


    Originally Posted by misterstomach

    i don't know if i'd want to go on tour if i wasn't going to do anything i could get arrested for.

    Originally Posted by .homewrecker.

    If there is only a few dB diference between 30 and 100 watts then it works both ways, why are you getting on my **************** for using a 100 watt amp when a 30 watt amp is practically just as loud just has less balls?

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    what's up!?
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      valor is in short supply these days.

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    I will **bleep** anyone.


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      Come on guys - please give us a few days to get stuff looking better. I warned everyone in advance that it wasn't finished, but again, we felt the performance on the old site was so poor that we didn't have any choice but to launch this early.

      As I was typing this, I noticed one BIG improvement that they've done - the word wrap issue in the rich text editor is now fixed. Posting just got a lot easier.

      Yes, the font is still way too light and a bit too small in my old guy / old eyes opinion, but they're supposed to be doing that RSN too. Other corrections and improvements - based on the feedback you're giving us in the Feedback forum, are also in the works. When you work with us, we can do a lot more for you, and we really do need your input on things.

      We know the forums have had major issues for quite a while, and we appreciate just how patient you've been. Please hang in there just a bit longer, tell us what you want the site to have and look like, and give us a chance (and some time) to make it happen.



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    The treehouse changed your post count for pennies.
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    Originally Posted by IRG:
    "reunula speaks the trooth"


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      It is defo getting better. As I keep mentioning people need to back off. They were told there would be issues. Phil and the HC team are doing a good job.

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      renula wrote:
      The treehouse changed your post count for pennies.


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