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  • NGD - Solid Gold FX Surf Rider Deluxe

    Since there isn't that much out there about this pedal, I figured I'd give a ngd post a try in hopes that anyone looking for any info on this pedal can have a good idea of what they are getting into.  

    Even though I am totally in the honeymoon phase having just received this pedal just a week ago, the SurfRider Deluxe is an incredible and has exceeded my expectations sonically. It has got the right thump and punch that every record with swimming, wet spring reverb has and the boost gets you into even crazier territory with everything full blast. In addition to it's amazing surf sound, it can also cops faux room and hall sounds when using the Tone control. At lower Tone settings - around 7-8 o clock - the reverb kind of loses it's oomph, but still allows for a nice ambience in conjuction with the Depth and Res control. The Surf Rider also worked great with my Arc Effects Big Green PI - especially on the more treble-y, low-gain end of what this fantastic "Muff" can do - and I'm positive that it would go great with other distortion/fuzz as well. As a whole, the Surf Rider Deluxe bright and punchy, working well with 50s and 60s styles as well as jazz and more contemporary from alternative country a la Ryan Adams to nostalgic 80's pad sounds straight out of awesomely bad Sci-Fi movie (with the boost engaged and used in tandem with Mr. Black's Eterna) to New Order-esque guitar tones with the long, almost slapback settings to Velvet Underground if you were so inclined.

    While the build quality is superb and it sounds amazing, it is kind of disappointing that the white screen print easily is removed. In an admittedly stupid move, I tried to smooth out a rough paint area with my thumb and off a bit of paint goes. To be completely honest, I'm not at all that *worried* about a little paint coming off since it will probably do that anyway, but I figure that some would be fairly **bleep** if they spent $200 on a pedal whose paint job is easily removed and would like to know. If you were going to buy this pedal, I would make sure you get a discount because at it's price, this kind of thing takes the wind out of the sails so to speak. I know it was kind of a bummer for me despite getting a discount, so just be aware that part of the deal of getting this great pedal is a fairly superficial paint job.

    Overall, this pedal is pretty **bleep** rad and can do anything from bright surf to deep halls, paint chipped or not. I have had the Boss FRV-1 and the Modtone Coliseum (which are both great pedals in their own right and worth a look if you are looking for spring reverb on a budget) and this one brings far more versatility and is so much fun. It also feels more solid underneath my feet which bodes well imo. There is no doubt in my mind that this pedal is worth the $179 I paid so make sure if you get this pedal that you buy it on a discount.

    Disappointing paint job aside, if you are looking for spring reverb done right, you should definitely give the Surf Rider Deluxe a try.

    [All the edits were me trying to fix formatting issues.]

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    thanks for the review and i'm glad you dig the pedal. I'm sorry to hear about the silk screen, it should not come off that easily. If you want to send me an email at info@solidgoldfx.com, we'll be sure to take care of it!



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