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    No relation.

    What?! Seriously? I feel so disillusioned right now. I still appreciate all the Demarcos though. Maybe Larry could adopt them and some other Demarcos and get a big bus and paint it all crazy and travel the country demoing pedals and kicking ass.
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    Originally Posted by zero=infinity

    I have been forced to register after years of lurking. This is truly epic.

    I'm from Waukesha, currently living in Milwaukee. Where does this **** live??

    I want this to make national news.


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      Clash Of The Titans
      Winner of nothing, BOTB Raffle 2011



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        without a doubt the best pedal demos ever


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          This is great. I've dug those videos for a long time. Too much cool **************** going on in 'em.
          Originally Posted by guy in my avatar

          If I were going to start drilling these days, I'm going to use the same resume Skeel jazz or precision bass, one for competition 800RB and Peavy 410 TVX cabinet.


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            Clash Of The Titans

            Release the Kracken!

            Bobby, That is a classic pic.

            The entertainer video just knocked me out.

            As stated earlier, The Win, with a side of winsauce!
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              You just know that Johnny rocks an '89 Chevy Camaro Z-28.With a T-top,of course.

              "One can never have too many great tones."


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