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NPD: Wampler Crush The Button Content - now with smeggy demo and pics


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  • NPD: Wampler Crush The Button Content - now with smeggy demo and pics

    I've been waiting ages to be able to get one of these. I could just about afford it! I ordered it from www.crushthebutton.com. It was shipped on Tuesday and arrives today (Thursday). From Belgium to UK; I am impressed.

    I've been on a 'search for Orange dirt in a box' for a couple of years now and I have been through a few pedals that claim to do this. I currently have the OLC Orange Peel  which is more of a vintage low gain overdrive than an 'in your face' hi gain orange sound. It is a great pedal nonetheless! I have done a bit of research and the EQD Monarch came up, but it seems to sound almost 'Orange ampy' at lower gain settings and has its own flavour where high gain is concerned. The Tech 21 Oxford is probably a slightly further step away from the sound; and the AMT Orange pedals don't seem to get anywhere near that sound in my opinion. 

    Now as for the Wampler... I am very impressed with this thing. It is one particular flavour and that is Orange crunchy overdrive to hi gain. I think this is the closest I will get without actually buying an Orange high gain amp (which has also been an option, but I decided I'm not too keen on the cleaner Orange amp tones. I don't dislike them, but compared to the cleans I can get out of my Laney IRT60H, it doesn't come close to what I want. 

    I will try and get a demo sorted as soon as possible. Hopefully this actually posts and the pics are visible. I know this is a bad time to post something like this.



    Crush the button 1

    Crush the button 2


    Crush the button 3

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    I've wanted one of these since they came out around a year ago. I'm glad they still have some in stock, but I don't have any money to spare right now on dirt pedals (the Wampler isn't cheap). I love the one demo I've seen. It has that rumbling, explosive sound that few other pedals, and amps, can match. Congrats, man.

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      Thanks dude! I have managed to upload a demo (very rushed and doesn't sound that great), and pics. I'll try and make a better demo at louder levels at some point.