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Top 5 most awesomest epic fuzz peds?


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  • Top 5 most awesomest epic fuzz peds?

    I'm slowly picking up my old bad habbit of 'collecting' fuzz pedals instead of just sticking with a couple good ones that actually work. Trying to limit myself to five though, which won't be easy.

    Just out of curiousity, what would the other fuzzaholics here put in their alltime top 5?I probably won't put more than two on my board at the same time, I'd just switch em when I feel like it.

    Anwyay, so far I've kicked off all muff types, they just don't work for me when I'm playing with other people.

    What remains:

    -Fuzz God II. Replaced a fuzz factory.

    -FZ-2. Kicked off a Bog Cheese. Tempted to replace it with a Wattson Superfuzz. I hate to admit I'm that shallow, but the slanted enclosure just oozes with mojo


    -Malekko Plus Ultra 213

    -A good Tonebender MKI

    -The Elements. Just to see if it can live up to the hype. And cause it seems to be able to do all sorts of distortiony tones **bleep** well, I don't have much that can handly more modern brootzy stuff.

    Sorta pointless and csb'ish, but it  sure beats the dozen of necro'd fuzz factory threads and the zillion of threads about new  awefull forum. So what else might be a good addition? I'm thinking some DBA pedlol, or maybe a tweeked muff after all, something that somehow works better live than the muffs I've tried so far.    


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    a tone bender
    a muff
    a superfuzz
    a bosstone
    a fuzz face
    Dead Soldiers