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Need a delay pedal that can do 4 sounds.

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  • Need a delay pedal that can do 4 sounds.

    1. like the lead in Zep's you shook me

    2. like the start of g n r's welcome o the jungle

    3. like the bow solo in zep's live version of dazed n confused

    4. wont alter guitar sound when off

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    There's a good bit of some sort of reverb in Dazed, otherwise, any analog delay with true bypass will be fine. Some digital delays do the sound well also, the discontinued DE7 would be a great cheap experiment.

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      Yes, timeline


      Any delay pedal
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        EQD Dispatch Master. Get that verb up for Dazed, and leave it at zero and use just the delay for the others.

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        +3 DL-4. Especially if you want to be able to acces all those sounds on the fly, using presest and all. You might want to have it modded for better bypass and twice the presets btw.

        I've been buying and selling delay peds like a motherbleeper, but I can't for the life of me find a good reason to flip my old DL-4. Bang for the buck whise the only silmilar modeler I can think of that comes close: Vox Delaylab. But I don't think it has the swell mode, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have an equally awesome looper 

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