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OK fess up, has anyone else accidentally hit "cancel" instead of "post" yet?

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  • OK fess up, has anyone else accidentally hit "cancel" instead of "post" yet?

    For some reason the cancel button being on the left side throws me off, I have no earthly idea why, though.  :robotlol: :smileylol:

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    I've double posted, thinking that I had hit cancel... on account of the stupid new 'Click To See Your Post' feature, or however it's listed.
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    • Jon Hiller
      Jon Hiller commented
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      Yeah, I don't really like the whole "click to see your post" thing, I'd rather it just go to your post like Vbulletin and every other forum I have posted on does.

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    I've accidentally hit cancel too. Pretty baffling as to why the buttons are that way round.
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