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  • New Gear Week!

    Hi guys! Lots of new gear for me:


    Here are some brief reviews, from the best to the worst ;-)


    Mooer Pure Boost

    Ok, I've never tried the Xotic RC, but this Mooer is by far my favorite overdrive ever. Since I stupidly sold the Fairfield Barbershop I used to have, I tried a lot of different pedals wishing they could get me that super low gain od I need for my solos (I mainly play in a jazz-rock trio). The Banzai Cold Fusion was too bright and raspy, the BB preamp too gainy

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    Gotta try that moer, looks like a nice little pedal.

    And Happy NGD! These Squiers are going to endanger Fender mex and usa lines. .

    Good deals lonk


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      Not to mention CIJ!