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Whats different between the Zoom G3 & G3X?


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  • Whats different between the Zoom G3 & G3X?

    Is the only difference between these two units the included expression pedal? Is there any reason not to just purchase a G3 and add an 3rd party expression pedal instead of purchasing a G3X? 

    I've search these and other forums but cant seem to find a straight answer. Thanks in advance for the help and reply. 

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    Yeah, I believe it's just the Expression pedal capability. I didn't opt for the G3X since the EXP pedal looks like a toy to me and besides I already have a Wah pedal.


    I would purchase though a Korg EXP pedal to perform some nice swellings. 

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      I went with the G3X.  It's only $30 more and I didn't already have an expression pedal.  In retrospect, I probably wouldn't do it again because I haven't used the pedal much.


      I think there's a way you can use the built-in pedal, and an external pedal, which might be useful for some players.

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        It's nice to use an External Expression Pedal on the floor, while being able to adjust

        the unit itself, up on a counter.


        Just make **bleep** sure that your EXP Pedal, assuming it has a Level Adjustment,

        is set properly. (mine was turned down, took me a while to realize it and turn up)




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      The main advantage is with the g3 you can use external expression OR tap tempo. Not both. With the g3x you can use the integral expression pedal AND external tap tempo.
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