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What Happened To This Place?


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  • What Happened To This Place?

    Back from a very long break (measured in multiple years),
    Re-doing my guitar rig and thought I'd pop in to see what's new.

    Loving some of the "new" pedal manufacturers such as Wren & Cuff, SUF.
    (It's been a very long break)

    Curious to know, what happened to this place?
    This place used to have so many posts that in the time it takes me to type this post,
    There'll be at least a new page of new posts already,

    But now, in looking at the time stamps, this place goes 15 minutes without a post,
    And one day's posts here now is less than an hour from back in the crazy days.

    So what happened?
    Was there a huge user purge?
    Was the ban hammer heavily used?
    Did everyone get all the effects they want and leave?

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    Winner of nothing, BOTB Raffle 2011



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      Originally posted by Unconfigured Static HTML Widget...

      Write Something, or Drag and Drop Images Here...


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        Who are Wren & Cuff, SUF?
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          its friday night, most of us got a life since then.
          Breaus, check out my youtube channel. pls.


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            Yeah, it's usually busier on the weekdays.

            Welcome back Kestral.

            "Look at it this way: think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of 'em are stupider than that."

            - George Carlin

            "It shouldn't be expected that people are necessarily doing what they appear to be doing on records."

            - Sir George Martin, All You Need Is Ears

            "The music business will be revitalized by musicians, not the labels or Live Nation. When the musicians decide to put music first, instead of money, the public will flock to the fruits and the scene will be healthy again."

            - Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter


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              Hopefully people are playing their guitars more.
              ... puppets jerking on their strings ...


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                Well, you missed HC 2.0. A bunch if people got fed up during that and left.

                Also Zvex and Devi stopped fighting and left.


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                  Well, you missed HC 2.0. A bunch if people got fed up during that and left.

                  They were dark days. Dark days...
                  Winner of nothing, BOTB Raffle 2011



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                    people masturbate a lot more these days = less posting
                    Originally Posted by Crxsh

                    Jesus loves a tasty muff.

                    Originally Posted by Urinate Forever

                    And wiklund is smart, i'm in agreement with him.

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                      I noticed traffic drop by a lot when HC2.0 came along...
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                        It seems to me a drop-off in posts has been pretty recent, like in the last few months. It's weird. Maybe the economy has people more focused on working than goofing off on the internet.


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                          I blame subs and his merry men.


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                            When life gets hard
                            I pick up that card
                            With the smiley face
                            And call em over to my place


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                              I remember a few years ago I'd get in from work and there's be 6 pages of new threads/threads with new posts in them, I'd look over the first couple of pages.
                              Now there's usually only two pages so I can keep up and not miss out on vital lulz

                              I think we lost a whole load of people with the whole 2.0 debacle who never came back, but there's been a lot of new faces around here in the past 6 months. there are some new forum 'celebrities' who you would swear had been around a couple of years but only have like 2,000 posts and very recent join dates.

                              I guess we just keep on keepin' on
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