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So are there any OLD SCHOOLERS left?

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    • Wood Chuck
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      I started out in 01.......Makes no diff. If a woodchuck could chuck wood, yada yada!  :womanlol:

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    Yup... still here since 2001 just to laugh at the posts of the stoopid trolls here. :cattongue:


    This forum looks very new compared to what we've used to...

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    • kurtisqpublic
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      I've been here forever but nobody knows me. Folks are so resistant to change. Look at everyone freaking about the Facebook format changes and stuff. The look changes and things take some getting used to, but who cares?

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    I thought it said "old- timers"... I guess it's the same thing for some of us
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    • skr3ddy
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      I've been here longer than my stats indicate; I had to create a new login at one point due to problems with old forum and my password.

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    Hi marc still enjoyimg ur prOn photos we took last time L


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      my old email is deactivated how the heck do I get my **bleep** reset??


      • theManfromAlabam
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        I started out at HC via HCP, however, I acquired all of the effect pedals I needed many years ago, I stayed clear from all the boutique effects craze..,

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      How old is old?


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      No, they're all gone. 

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      • digital
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        i'm still here but low in posts...