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Help with Ground Control / MPX-1 MIDI


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  • Help with Ground Control / MPX-1 MIDI

    I have a Ground Control Pro and DMC GCX Guitar Audio Switcher that I have interfaced with a Lexicon MPX-1. I connected a five pin Mogami MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of the Ground Control to the MIDI IN of the GCX Audio Switcher. All 5 pins of the Mogami cable are wired. The MPX-1 is wired from the MIDI OUT jack of the GCX Switcher to the REMOTE/MIDI IN jack of the MPX-1 with a 5-pin MIDI cable of which only 3 pins are wired, which is standard for MIDI. When I select BANK/PROGRAM on the GCX to change the program on the MPX-1, the program number is off by 100. That is, if I choose Bank 2/Program 8, the MPX-1 changes to Program # 128. The MPX-1 is set to receive program changes and no offset is selected.

    How can I access programs 1-100 using the Ground Control?