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Two people that won't be at NAMM...


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  • Two people that won't be at NAMM...

    ...are me and Eric Smid. So, in the interests of flag flying from afar and with an extra added bonus of a demo for the little Laney L5T, I give you...




    Disclosure: I have mutual agreements with PRS, Smitty Custom Guitars, HIWATT UK, Laney Amplification, Providence, Free The Tone, Lava Cables, Voodoo Lab and several dozen pedal companies whom I've bartered videos-for-pedals with.
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    Guitar looks nice. The Laney sounds awesome. I've wanted a Lionheart since they came out...about time I get one.
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      Yeah, they're pretty cool amps. They have their own thing going on; gritty, singing, rock 'n' roll, I guess. Not a zingy clean amp and not a smooth sailor. Rock, that's what they want to do. A good match for P90s and a determined right arm.