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    Got this baby for $70 last night, from who I think was a man of the tweaker persuasion. An old Tokyo Soundworks Guyatone Flip 2000 MKII. He posted in on craigslist saying it needed worked. I bought a new pair of JJ 6l6GCs and took out a mod someone did - to kill one of the power tubes to get 30w instead of 60w. The screen resistors were blown.

    Amp also has an old Altec 417-8h which is worth a fair amount on its own.

    The amp still has some noise, probably needs a change of caps, which I'll do later. The toggle switch for the Bass is faulty. Knobs are off cause I just put it back together. Has spring reverb but I took the pan out for now. For now though, pretty sweet at $110.



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    nice. sounds like you know your way around modding/working with amps too.


    12" speaker?

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      Ya I've been learning. Repaired a vt-22 I had and I've worked on my V-4. Both powerful amps so I approach amp repair with massive amounts of caution.

      Ya, it's a 12"


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        Rad man.
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