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DC gig spam - opening for Cymbals Eat Guitars 1/27


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  • DC gig spam - opening for Cymbals Eat Guitars 1/27

    Don't usually post gig spam around here, but I'm really looking forward to this Sunday's show, so thought I'd let any HCFXers in the DC area know about it.

    This Sunday we are opening for Cymbals Eat Guitars, cool band from NYC (Pitchfork loves them, if you're into that sort of thing). Left & Right, a really good band from Charlottesville, will join us as an opening act. And Jana Hunter from Lower Dens will be guest DJ for the evening.

    The show will be at 9th & Beats, a new all-ages venue by the convention center (it's part of the Old Dominion Brewhouse). So consider this as much an invitation to check out the venue as it is to see the show. Doors at 7:30, show starts at 8 p.m.

    tix here:

    Facebook event page here:


    Cymbals Eat Guitars gig poster





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    Sounds awesome, good luck with the show. If I was still living around DC I'd come by.
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      CEG's keyboard player posts here sometimes, though I don't recall the username. good band, sounds like a cool gig.