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New VOX delay Lab!!!!


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    The Strymon killer

    Attempted competitor at the very least.


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      I wonder if has an analog through dry path. My TC and Eventide have this and, when coupled with a well-designed parallel loop, the preservation of an amps natural tone is astounding.


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        I'd have thought a parallel loop would pretty much render the dry path/ bypassed sound an irrelevance?
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          yeah, it's basically a DL4
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            yeah, it's basically a DL4

            butttt with at least double the looping time, tons of presets as opposed to three, or modding it to get 6. plus the price seems reasonable considering all the features and different delays. this demo isn't terrible, but a better one could definitely be made. in fact it should be made by an HCFX'er....I am saving up....
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              Someone buy it and tell the rest of us what it's like.

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                Editing a comment

                I've had mine a few weeks and I like it quite a lot. In fact I traded my TC Flashback x4 for it and have been very happy.

                seems to have a very transparent singnal pass through, and if I am not mistaken it can be set to true pypass.