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  • Joyo sweet baby?

    Any good?
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    Here's a post on another guitar forum, about this pedal from a few days ago:

    Joyo Sweet Baby - Honest Opinion


    So I was lucky enough to get one of these from my brother for my birthday - and this has probably been talked about a bunch but I'll give my honest opinion.

    Firstly, I absolutely love it. Not just for the price but because it sounds absolutely incredible - which is probably to be as expected as it's essentially a clone of a Mad Professor Sweet Honey. An unethical clone, maybe - but it's definitely made me want to go Mad Professor in the future.

    Unfortunately I've not stacked this into any other pedals yet. I'm still waiting on an amp repair too so I had to use my trusty Blackstar.

    However - firstly it truly is the most touch sensitive pedal I've used and it made me -want- to start picking softer and harder. It emphasised the dynamics without ever feeling like it was clipping unnaturally. The overdrive really kicks in when you hit hard and I really felt like I was rocking out - this was such a fun pedal to play.

    The 'focus' knob was the icing on the cake for me though. When using my bridge pickup I found I liked it about 10 o'clock. It smoothed things out, and made it feel like I was cutting auditory room temperature butter. How's that for a metaphor?

    But - when I used the neck I liked the extra treble and almost turned the focus knob somewhere between 3 o'clock and all the way up. I'm not sure how this affects the gain stage but definitely had more treble and made the neck pickup feel more like the bridge. Now I had a lot of fun experimenting with that, and felt like this pedal really would cut through - this is going to be the main way I use the pedal and I think it'd be interesting to see how this works as a clean boost through my regular amp and how the focus knob shapes the EQ without any extra overdrive.

    I can't overstate how much this pedal genuinely makes me want to play - and I'm a bit of a bedroom wankery shreddy metalhead. I just secretly can't get enough of dumble and tweed.

    Being a Joyo, however, it felt a little bit cheap. The box it came in was nice, and it was neatly packed but the switch definitely feels like it might break if it has someone chunky like me stamped on it a little too hard. Maybe I'm judging too harshly - but I almost feel like the case could just be sturdier. But for
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      i want to know what the roll boost is a clone of. i wish it were a sho clone, but maybe its just a micro amp clone. sorry for the thread hijack, this just reminded me i was wondering about it the other day.


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        I was thinking the self same thing!

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      thanks for the review.. i've been considering getting one but heard one demo video where the gain sounded a bit raspy.. any thoughts on that?

      maybe its less obvious with lower gain settings?

      i think it appeals to me because it seems like it can probably sound exactly like a bypassed clean sound but then get pushed into overdrive with playing dynamics
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