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Zoom G3X is growing on me

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  • Zoom G3X is growing on me

    Bought a G3X just to try digital again.  Using an Ibanez TSA15 head & cab for my amp with the G3X between the analog TS and the amp input.


    The Zoom's reverbs, delays and modulations are all very good.  A lot ogff wacky effects that I won't use as well.  The amp models do not sound good into my amp, I have not tried direct into PC speakers yet.


    The overdrive and distortion stomps were the ones I was wanting to add some rock tones to the Ibanez amp.  the Governor stomp is my favorite and the Overdrive second. 

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    I've got one too and I can't decide what I think of it.  It does have some pretty nice delays and stuff, but I hate the reverbs and I haven't been able to set up a tone I'm happy with on the amp/dirt side of things.

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      I like the Hall reverb the best.  Spring is ok, but you have to tweak it. It's no Fender though.


      On the dirt side, the Governor, Overdrive, Z-Wild all are my faves.  The Acoustic sim is also really nice as well

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    I thought the amp models sounded really bad the first time I used my g3 too. Turns out the output mode is set to 'direct' by default, which sounds horribly screechy going into an amp.

    Making sure you have that set right (in the global options) makes a huge difference.

    Still prefer the sound of the amp sims direct through headphones or monitors than through an amp though.


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      What I'm struggling with on mine is heavy rhythm sounds.  All the heavy dirty amps sound like crap.  Some great clean amps, but then none of the dirt pedals do a great high gain rhythm sound.

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    I have a g3x zoom multi effects going through a Marshall DSL40C and i play in a band and the other guitarist seems to get a much better tone using stomp boxes and a worse amp. Is this due to the multi effects pedal?? thanks


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      I have been using one for about a year going straight to the board, maybe not perfect but good enough and my back is far better for it when it comes to schllepping in and out.
      Cheers Steve