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Is any pedal worth $1700.00?

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  • Is any pedal worth $1700.00?

    Well some people think so...



    Uni Vibe

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    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rhum

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    Dang. I can't remember what the Wattson shop univibe cost, but I think it was up there too. **bleep** expensive.
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      echodeluxe wrote:
      Dang. I can't remember what the Wattson shop univibe cost, but I think it was up there too. **bleep** expensive.

      I paid $2500 for the one in the Wattson shop. These used to sell routinely on eBay for over $2000, and occasionally over $3000. The prices have slumped a bit because of the economy.

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    thats what they go for in Tokyo...wow...

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      the all-time high I've seen a pedal on auction fetch is

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    I've had the pleasure to play an original Shin-Ei Univibe about a year ago when one came to our store on consignment. It sounded awesome and it had the original expression pedal too. 

    However, you can get just about the same sound out of a Voodoo Lab Microvibe, for example. So, purely soundwise it may not be worth that much to me, but the sound isn't always the point when people buy vintage and rare gear.

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      Here! Here!
      For vibe pedals I have been very impressed by the Haze from Wilson effects.
      It doesn't get any better than this


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        Do a "fuzz pedal" search on ebay and the first four hits will blow your mind!

        Tone Bender 1.5 for $5,264.03

        1967 Marshall Supa Fuzz for $4,966.01

        Tone Bender 1.5 for $2,955.61

        Dallas Range Master for $2,979.21