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Another EHX Reboot- RTG (Random Tone Generator)

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  • Another EHX Reboot- RTG (Random Tone Generator)


    New RTG

    Random Tone Generator

    Congratulations on purchasing the RTG (Random Tone Generator) synthesizer!  Our new RTG is a faithful recreation of the EH1300 RTG, originally released in 1980, with some modern enhancements: status LED, footswitch to engage/disengage the output and comes in our nano sized enclosure.  The randomly-produced tones range over 6 octaves between 20Hz and 1kHz.



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    what does it do, for dumb guys wondering

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    • turnstylepoet
      turnstylepoet commented
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      Here is a video of the original.  Looks like the new one has some added features.


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    Oh my god.
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    • ispunk
      ispunk commented
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      Atari 2600 in a pedal

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    That's pretty useless.

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    • Texas Noise Factory
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      ^ of course it's useless. Unless its something you want!
      I wonder if you can use it plugged into CV inputs on other pedals that accept that sort of thing.

    • eti313
      eti313 commented
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      Auto-tune that SOB!

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    I'm pretty blown away that EHX chose to reissue this. Love it!


    • cryptosonic
      cryptosonic commented
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    • melx II
      melx II commented
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      ha, indeed!! people have been talking about this for ever ... never though i'd see it happen though.... good stuff.

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      ****************ing useless. ill be buying one.



        CHOUTMUSIC commented
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        analogtapes wrote:

        ****************ing useless. ill be buying one.

        That was my immediate thought.

      • Zetor
        Zetor commented
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        Sounds like just the thing I need for spicing up my blues solos.


        analogtapes wrote:

        ****************ing useless. ill be buying one.

        I laughed out loud.

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      I'm waiting for comments like 'it doesn't sound like the original'

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        Waiting for the domino theory reissue
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          i had a dream about this last night. but hadnt heard one before.. in my dream it was a sample & hold filter.

          EHX should make one.
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