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Boss RC2 or Digitech Jamman Stereo?


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  • Boss RC2 or Digitech Jamman Stereo?

    Any reason why one is better than the other?

    Which should I get and why?


    Thanks in advance

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    If you have the space then I would go for the Jamman Stereo

    1) Can select a loop using your foot
    2) Comes with a memory card slot to store additional loops
    3) It's stereo so if you are ever considering a stereo rig or playing into a computer through a stereo audio interface.

    Other then the footprint it's hands down the better looper.  Boss equivalent to the JamMan Stereo is the Boss RC-30.


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      Jamman wont do real time looping
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      • juri
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        spoonie g wrote:
        Jamman wont do real time looping

        Pretty sure it does...  I have the stereo and it does recording and overdubbing in real time.

      • Matt_was_taken
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        spoonie g wrote:
        Jamman wont do real time looping

        can you explain what you mean by that please?

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      I have owned an RC-2 and I just bought a JamMan Stereo. Both are very good loopers in their own right. They share a lot of features, being able to store loops, quantizing, rhythm patterns to play to, tap tampo etc. The biggest difference is that the JamMan can store 35 minutes of loops right off the bat (up to 16 hours with an SD card), and the RC-2 has 13 or 16 minutes of storage. Can't remember the exact number right now. The navigation is easier on the JamMan too, it has Loop Up and Down whereas the RC-2 can only go up. And for that you need to buy a separate switch.

      What I missed with the RC-2 to be able to use it with the band I'm in was some way of routing the metronome so that only the drummer could hear it. The JamMan has a Rhythm Output feature that does just that. A simple standard guitar chord to a powered monitor or headphones and you can use loops in a live situation. 

      You could get an RC-2 for peanuts since Boss released the RC-3, so if you're on a tight budget go with that.

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