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TC Electronic is about to do it! The long awaited TonePrint Editor...


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  • TC Electronic is about to do it! The long awaited TonePrint Editor...




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    Looks like I might be out of excuses to not get the Flashback x4.


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      Awesome!  This will convince me to buy/try all the tc pedals now.  This especially makes the X4 better.



      • eti313
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        I will borrow one and check this out.

      • Phil O'Keefe
        Phil O'Keefe commented
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        The link is timing out on me - maybe they're updating their site. That's not unusual just before NAMM.


        I'm very glad to see TC releasing that editor. After reviewing a couple of TC pedals and trying Toneprint, I'm interested in trying ithe editor out myself. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some new pedals coming out too. We'll find out tomorrow.


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      this is awesome


      • Aedes
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      yes please.
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        I wonder if you can basically do what PGS did when they had the Alter Ego created and recreate the echo rec and DMM settings?

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        • shawnd2007
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          I wonder if you can basically do what PGS did when they had the Alter Ego created and recreate the echo rec and DMM settings?

          Good question.

          Also how do you quote?

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          This is really neat.


          Although with the switches on TC Pedals... (jk!)



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            Id be all over a multi fx toneprint box with alter ego on board!!! Bill and Troy from Mastodon both have done tone prints. Not really diggin the look of the series aethsetically though.


            • iodine74
              iodine74 commented
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              Only ever done a little digging into the TonePrint thing to begin with.  

              Do you only have the ability to store one TonePrint to the pedal at a time?  Like I see that the delay as 11 or so model settings, with one being TonePrint.... is it only on that setting that you can download something to?

              And with the software does it change that at all now?   

              Also curious if you can only load delay toneprints on a delay pedal or could you store a chorus based effect there (obviously lots of implications there with the flashback 4x if you could set to different effect types in one unit)


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            It's be awesome, but would impact sales of thier individual Toneprint pedals, so me thinks it won't be out until the sales on the singles start dwindling.
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            • gambit
              gambit commented
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              nothing to confirm yet if you can save your DIY delay toneprint to non-delay pedal from the series?