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Want to build pedal. Wat do? Also, Doctor Who content.


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  • Want to build pedal. Wat do? Also, Doctor Who content.

    Looking at picking up the scrambled octave by BYOC. Any other cool, but easy fuzz box projects? I'm planning to build it, learn it, tweak components and make a really nasty fuzz called the "Daalek Fuzz - EXTERMiNATE!"

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    hm...second similar thread in a day....also check at Catalinbread... they have a DIY Fuzz Generator for about 80 buxx. It's at the bottom otheir Buy Now > Odds & Sods page. Their link points to the wrong schematic, so I can't tell  you exactly what's it's based on.


    Nic needs to get his Lithium Liason Officer to keep that site uptodate.

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      If you have no soldering skills or experinece go to www.buildyourownclone.com. Very newb friendly site with full kits and tutorials for effects that run the gamut from simple to hardcore.

      If you have some minimal skills: www.general guitar gadgets has plenty of kits for a little less $$ than byoc--with a corresponding reduction in instruction and tech support.

      If you're handy, but still want a fabbed pcb go to madbeanpedals.com. (This is my favorite diy site.) If you are more than handy there is pcb art for creating your own pcbs for most projects there.

      If you want a zillions choices, are good at soldering, have completed a few kits and want to try vero board layouts go to http://www.tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/ or www.sabrotone.com.

      Good luck.