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  • New Reverb Pedal Day!

    So I ordered a pack of Ernie Balls a couple months ago and I win a $25 GC gift card. Couple of days ago I finally get it only to discover that it had a balance of $50!  Ive been needing a Verb pedal for my UNivalve for months so I figure its a good time to actually go to Guitar Center. I was realy gassing for a TC Electronics Hall of Fame. but they were out so I ended up getting the Arena, which is basically the same pedal except the last 4 settings are different. Im a reverb addict. Its the one effect I cant live without, even if itas just a little touch for ambience and depth. So the Arena/HOF is a fantastic reverb pedal. 10 really high quality reverbs built in plus the TonePrint feature which is really neat. Theres about 100 or so reverbs available to download for free right now. Im wondering if i can get software to make my own TonePrints for this. Anyway Im really happy with this pedal and if you're looking for good reverb and can't reccomend this enough. :robot:

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    The Tone Print editor is coming soon I think. Like, they just announced it. Right now, you can't make your own.
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