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PSA: Too much Velcro is too much!


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  • PSA: Too much Velcro is too much!

    Hi friends, Dkerwood here with a public service announcement. Have you ever gotten a new pedal and decided it needed Velcro? Who hasn't? So of course you head to the store and think, "I'm a pretty stout fellow; I probably need the strongest Velcro money can buy!" which leads to your purchase of that 2" industrial strength Velcro.

    Friends, if you find yourself in that position, stop what you are doing, put the 200 lb test rating Velcro back on the shelf, and grab yourself some light duty 1/2" Velcro. I know what you're thinking- "But Mr. Random Internet Guy, don't I want the strongest Velcro money can buy? I'd hate for my vintage ToobYeller 888 klone to fall off my board!" Yes, friend, I'd hate that as well.

    But friends, let me remind you your booteek boxes of joy and magic generally only weigh between 1 and 5 pounds! You're not trying to velcro an elephant in place (and let me tell you... don't try to do that, especially with the self adhesive velcro)! When you use the heavy duty Velcro and cover every square inch of your pedal, all you do is make it more difficult to reconfigure your pedals... or worse, more difficult for the guy you sell the pedal to down the road to configure HIS board.

    Instead, friends, less is certainly better. A strip of 1/2" velcro along the top and bottom of each pedal is more than enough to keep your stompy doohickeys securely in place, unless you make a habit of letting The Three Stooges load your pedalboard between gigs. Then when you DO want to move the mystical mojo crates to a different spot on the board (the magic smoke in this one sounds better before the wah... just sayin'), you don't have to bust out a knife just to pry the darn thing off your board, taking half the loopside Velcro with it.

    Again friends, join with me and help stop Velcro abuse. Pedals are like cats- hold them securely, and they will purr and stay with you forever. Hold them too tightly and they get hissy and start clawing at your face, so you hold them even tighter and tighter, and they keep clawing and biting until one of you dies... okay, well, the metaphor sort of fell apart there, but you know what I mean. Friends don't let friends over-velcro.

    That is all.
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    I cut a thin strip and apply it to the raised edge of the rubber pad on the bottom of boss pedals. That's plenty.


    • Lou Speed's Alt
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      Cover the entire bottom of the pedal.

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    This thread aroused me.
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    • brokenfixed
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      I dont like having 1 strip because the pedal rocks back and forth when you step on them. At least an equal balance so theres no uneven teeter totter messing with my switch engaging

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    any velcro is too much

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      Pedal thieves rarely in my bedroom.


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        If a pedal is truly cummy you dont even need velcro to stick it to your board.


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          Yep, I used to cover the whole bottom, but now I just use little strips.


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            this thread is correct.