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Demo of a track from my band's new EP (for fans of lo-fi garage rock stuff)


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  • Demo of a track from my band's new EP (for fans of lo-fi garage rock stuff)

    So this is a demo of one of the tracks from my band's upcoming EP. It's very very raw and we only spent about 4 hours on the production on this version (I'll definitely re-do the lead vocals and the bassist and drummer are adding their backing for the chorus later) but the final product will be different (although I prefer leaving guitars as raw as possible and actually like the mistakes near the end). 

    Gear wise this was simply an HH Jag and a Joyo Ultimate Drive into a Hod Rod Deluxe, while the bassist used an EHX Bass Synth and Bass Big Muff into an Ampeg. I know we double mic'd the guitar amp but can't remember for the life of me at this moment in time what mics we used.

    Feedback as always welcome. Hope you guys enjoy. 



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    Kewl. I diggit
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