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Help me spend Sweetwater and GC Gift Certs...


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  • Help me spend Sweetwater and GC Gift Certs...

    Got $150 from Sweetwater and $25 from GC.

    I normally buy used... and some of the things I really would want aren't available at either, so I'm just trying to figure out how to blow these wads.  I'm not in a band at the moment, so it's hard to justify some things.

    Things I've been thinking about...

    Pedal Tuner - Korg Poly?

    Rack Rails (I've got 4 1U units that I just stack -- not using them all the time, but to have them connected would be nice)

    Pedal Power - I have a little Godlyke powerall, but was thinking of getting something nicer/better

    iStomp - Why not... I'd probably end up using it for verb maybe

    Multistomp - Again would probably use for verbs - I have a Yamaha Magicstomp, but don't know if I'd want to use it if I got a chance got play live again.  Ideally for verb I'd like to have an Eterna, Supermoon or maybe Supernatural.

    Midi Keyboard Controller for iPad

    EbTech Hum Eliminator



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    Bumporama. Gift certs burning hole in my pocket. Have thought about putting the sweet water cert towards an axiom pro 41 that they've got on sale... I needs a keyboard to use with Logic... The extra controls for Logics virtual instruments would be nice


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      If I had $150 in credit I'd get:

      A.) a Pedal Train board
      B.) Voodoo Labs ISO power supply
      C.) Black Arts Tone Works Pharaoh Fuzz
      D.) New humbucker for my ASAT

      If I had $25 I'd get (or put towards):
      A.) Boss SD-1
      B.) strings
      C.) new instrument or patch cables

      Probably no help to you though.
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