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Meet the Robocaster. Kinda cool in concept. Pretty Hideous in reality


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  • Meet the Robocaster. Kinda cool in concept. Pretty Hideous in reality

    As technology advances, and with what's happening with music itself... it's more and more apparent to me that the next 'revolution' in guitar is more onboard control over your sound...   

    For certain types of music this would be perfect. However... "it be ugg-lee"




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    Where's all the squiggly artwork?
    I didn't come here to save whales, I came here to get laid and make rock 'n' roll


    • blue2blue
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      As someone who's played guitar for 40 or so years and owned and played synthesizers for over 30, I have to say this thing leaves me pretty cold. I mean, I'm sure it's quite fine for what it is, but, I dunno, it holds zero musical interest for me. And, in a reflection of tech burnout, I guess, very little intellectual interest. 

      That's not to say that it may not be brilliant at what it is and its intended use for all I know, I mean, it has all those controllers, right? Too bad about the sounds that come out.

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      Zappa74 wrote:
      Where's all the squiggly artwork?
      was my first reaction too.

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    They should have chosen a singular visual concept. Arcade style buttons and joystick OR sliders. not both.


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      Those buttons look like they'd get in the way so close to the strings.