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Trade advice- my grey Jekyll & Hyde for Cosmic Crunch?


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  • Trade advice- my grey Jekyll & Hyde for Cosmic Crunch?

    Need some quick advice for a trade I have pending. I have a grey Jekyll & Hyde that I've replaced with a V2 on my board, so the grey has been sitting around as trade bait and for those rare times when I need a dirt pedal but don't want to use the whole board.

    Anyway, I had started a trade for my old Phase 45 for a DMB Cosmic Crunch (figured I could use it as a solo boost). He saw that I also had the J&H and says he really wants that instead. My first thought is that the J&H is worth quite a bit more, but then I realized that might just be sentimentality talking.

    Honestly, I don't know that I want the cosmic crunch that much...
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    I'd trade a Jekyll and hyde for a cosmic brownie right about now.


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      1- since when are those Jekyll and Hyde pedals worth anything? the last gray one on ebay went for $52.

      2- I've never heard of a cosmic crunch, but if you are seeking one out and someone is offering one to trade for a spare pedal of yours- why not do it?

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    Kozmik brownie sounds gewd, dew u deliver??????