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How to self-teach diagrams and soldering skillz? Is there an Amazon kit ???


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  • How to self-teach diagrams and soldering skillz? Is there an Amazon kit ???

    Back when I was 12 my dad (who is a fancy engineer) and I built a fuzzbox from a few things bought at "You Do It" Electronics (Needham, MA) and a wiring diagram.  I think Mr. Craig Anderton may have been involved from a writing standpoint ... dunno.

    Not long after, I got Craig's book "Electronic Projects ..." and did a few things.  I did 'em okay.

    Then, I forgot everything.  And now I want to relearn.  Specifically, I want to relearn:
    * soldering skills (this is practice, IMHO)
    * reading diagrams
    * overall DIY project skills

    I think I want to start by finding some sort of $50 kit on Amazon .... or do I? 



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    Hey Dan,


    I'd start with the start kits that are available from smaller online folks. BYOC has one. Cheap.

    Then just step up into  cheap pedal...again, byoc is good, so is CB's F**kit You Build It. Also, at CB, then you have reason to watch Stephanie's video over and over and over...without being a perv.

    If you were located around here, I'd be happy to give you a tutorial on reading schematics....but beers are a necessary component, to me, and rarely-if-ever mentioned on the Bill Of Materials.


    Blind Doc Jones' Pickles....Cures What Ails Ya


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      If you have a Maplins near you I think they still do various build-it-yourself kits.