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What would you do? RotoVibe pedal inquiry


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  • What would you do? RotoVibe pedal inquiry

    I found a Dunlop Rotovibe locally for 110 bucks.

    I like the idea of the treadle for leslie-like control (which I plan on using it for mainly).

    I can swing a fancier pedal right now but don't know if it's worth dropping an extra 100-200 dollars on top of the 100 dollar price tag on this one.

    Who knows if I'd even use the vibe a whole **************** ton.

    Would you guys get the cheapo for a decent deal or get a fancier one?  I know I like the Fulltone but I was also interested in the MJM 60's Vibe mini.  Those things are pricey though.

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    First post on this new format.  It sure works better on my phone but it's still weird as hell on my laptop.

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    • Beef
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      If you're not sure how much you're gonna use it then why not go for the cheaper one for starters? If you like it great, if you find yourself wanting more, flip it and go for the more expensive guys.

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    I bought a mint one for 70 bucks and it was alright but I never really fell in love with the sounds:  ended up flipping it for a profit and eventually got a Foxrox Vibe which is about 8000% better in every aspecgt.

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    • alien
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      sometimes if you start out buying THE ONE YOU really WANT (the most expensive one), even though it does cost the most, it will end up SAVING you money in the long run BY A MILE. Im not kidding.

      in my experience if I have a sound in my head i wanna get , and I dont buy the exact right pedal, I will go and buy ALL the cheaper pedals trying to get the sound of that one expensive one.  

      I will then OWN all the cheaper attempts at the tone I am after,  Then  I will realise all of these cheap pedals cant do it and I will go out and BUY the real deal .  So I will end up owning Every pedal on the market that attempts the sound I am after because i was too cheap to buy the real thing.   So I will have ?? Five vibe pedals sitting on shelves  and one on my board.  

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    Rotovibe was first vibe pedal i ever played ever at the store, i actually could see swirly colours literally jumping out of the amp.

    This was prolly 89 and i ended up buying that exact amp 40 watt el 84 duncan combo,


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      I don't know why you're hesitating. It's a good deal on a good pedal. If you won't like it, you'll sell it.
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        Do it. Is it a JH-4S or a JD-4S? The earlier JH-4S ones are amazing.


        • mr. crow
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          I've owned both the older and the newer Dunlop Rotovibes.   I now just own the newer model.  I think it's a very cool pedal.  Don't use it a ton, but when I do it does what I need.


          I actually like the newer model better.  The old one was always a bit too subtle for me, I find the new one has a more pronounced effect.