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  • Amazon returns

    anyone have experience with doing a return/refund with Amazon?  I bought one of those NES/SNES combo systems that have been made in the last few years and it doesn't play a few of my games, it's really ****************ty and one of the controllers it came with is broken.  


    basically, i want my money back because I want to buy a legit SNES.  Am I going to get the $38 i spent back?

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    email them and try?


    in the past when they've screwed up my orders (sent the wrong DVD) they just told me to keep what they sent and sent a new one or refunded the money. in general I think dealing with things purchased from amazon directly is easier than if you bought through a third party selling through amazon.

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    • Zappa74
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      Amazon is pretty good with returns.

      Request a return from the website. They ask you what's wrong with it and you just type in "****************in thing doesn't play games and the controller is busted".

      After you fill out that form, they email you a return number and a paid postage stamp.

      Slap that **************** on the box and mail it back to them. Once they receive it and judge that you were right, they refund you the cash.

      It's simple.

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    Did you buy direct from Amazon or was it a marketplace vendor? If it was amazon, easy peasy as mentioned above.

    If marketplace, that might be a bit more of a crapshoot - although I did a marketplace return a few weeks ago and it was handled really well. Under your profile you can look up old orders and there's a button to request a return. Amazon contacts the seller and the seller decides whether or not to authorize the return. If they decline the return you may be able to file a grievance with Amazon but I didn't get to that point with mine. You'll probably have to pay return shipping like I did.


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      amazon has a superb return policy. regardless if you buy it directly from amazon or a seller through amazon. even if youre wrong youre right as far as amazon is concerned.


      • Urinate Forever
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        Thanks guys. I think it may have been a marketplace vendor. I can't be sure though, it seemed like I bought it from a seller like eBay