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Informal survey - Craigslist dead?

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  • Informal survey - Craigslist dead?

    I've had a few items running on Craigslist for a couple of months now - absolutely zero response other than a few offers to trade (some fair, some bizarre). I haven't even gotten lowball offers . . . and I'm seeing the same items getting re-listed over and over and over again.  Is this a buyers market or have people just stopped going to Craigslist?  It seems really, really dead . . . 

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    I've had no luck at all lately. I've had a Lite Ash Tele, a Jackson USA Rhoads V, and a Japanese Ibanez S7420 trickling down in price for a month or so. Like you say, nothing but trade offers (listing states no trades accepted). I'm going to eBay them soon.

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    • lefort_1
      lefort_1 commented
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      I find CL to be a very regional thing.

      Some areas (like the Bay Area) seem to be very active...and their prices tend to be low.

      Up where I live ( (western Oregon) the prices are high and the action seems fairly slow...lots of relists for MSRP items.

      Where do yo folks live, approximately?

    • mlabbee
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      I hate to e-bay guitars, since shipping is such a hassle, but I think that's where I'm headed.  The funny thing is, if I sell my  guitars, there a a couple of things that have been up on CL for a while now that I will definitely be checking out . . .  maybe I can start the dominos falling :-)

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    Same stuff on my CL (some stuff literally has been relisted for years) and some cool stuff but not a whole lot of deals.
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    • macadood
      macadood commented
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      CL is still well and alive, at least in bigger cities. its a bit of a down market in general right now with people still recovering from xmas shopping and stuff. Should turn around a bit in the next few months with tax rebates and spring and stuff

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    Yes and no.


    I sold 2 guitars in Nov, and have had only a few kick the tires emails on another guitar.


    Sold 2 pedals, a set of pickups in Jan

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    • Faldoe
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      depends on what it is you're selling.

      I have some stuff listed but got a few inquies with no follow ups and one initial low ball offer.