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REVIEW: Garland Guitar Services - Houdini Fuzz


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  • REVIEW: Garland Guitar Services - Houdini Fuzz

    I found Patrick at GGS through a thourough search for a fuzz box on the internet.  I listened to the demo and had to have it.

    Patrick's business model is awesome.  YOu can pick the base color and the racing strip color, LED color and knob type!  Customizes everything for you.  If you wanna get crazy and add some other stuff I'm sure he could hook you up if the price is right.

    I love the way this sounds.  I play a tele with a SD Little '59 in the bridge through a Peavey Delta Blues.  It's pretty gnarly with out the treble being too harsh which is what I hate about a lot of fuzzes.  Rolling off the guitar's volume knob calms it down quite a bit but still giving you a really gritty clean tone.  Since the only knob controls the output of the pedal, your guitar volume does the heavy lifting to change the gain.

    In short it's a beefy fuzz.distortion that warms up reall nice adjusting your guitars tone and gets insanely loud.  Lot's of headroom.  If fuzz isn't your thing, he's got plenty of other toys on his site to fit your needs, sonically and aesthetically!

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