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  • floyd/zep and pedal advice

    i just started up a floyd tribute band/jam session and i have been in a zeppelin jam for a few months. i want to try to get as close to gilmour's and page's sound as i'm able without investing any more cash.

    this is what i have for gear;

    Carvin MTS 3200 Head/ Randall 4x12 Celestion Vintage 30s

    Crate Vintage Club Head / Matching 2x12 cab

    Line 6 DL-4

    Line 6 DM-4

    Line 6 FM-4

    Line 6 MM-4

    MXR Phase 90

    MXR Comp

    Cry Baby

    Fender Strat 50th Annv

    Les Paul


    i'm having a hard time getting the settings in the delay just right for gilmour's famous sound. not really sure why. i just want to play stuff off the wall and have the problem just be my lack of skill. i also want to get a nice fat lead tone for dave's lead lines. i do realize the a lot of tone comes from your fingers and technique but i should have enough pedals to get some help. 


    it's actually easier to get page's tone as he didn't use much in the way of effects until later on. his use of delay on 'whole lotta love' seems to be a pretty basic setting.


    any help with floyd like settings would be greatly appreciated.



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    381 MS, run like hell, should flip the bill for ABITHW part 2 too... Your ears will be the confessor here, as you do not have MS read out at your disposal...
    changes come w/ the whether...


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      Not trying to be a smart ass here...

      But check out The Gear Page. All those ****************ers want to sound like Gilmour. They'll know what to buy.

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    Try he has really good articles about each Floyd album and good gear guides to getting that sound.
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      Let me preface my post by saying that you should get ready for people to recommend you many expensive and esoteric pedals in order to get the sound you "need" to play that material. What you have is totally fine, and can definitely get the tones you're trying to achieve. Here's are my suggestions:


      -Jimmy Page Setup-

      Les Paul

      Crybaby Wah

      Line6 DL4

      Crate Vintage Club Head and 2x12


      Page's definitive live setup was his Les Paul > Wah > Echoplex Tape Echo > Marshall. . .ultimately it wasn't too complex. The Marshall was set for a little bit of grit and sustain, and, I have to say this constantly, the key to his sound is to avoid too much distortion or compression. As far as the echo goes, Page used 3 primary settings:

      - Short, single repeat "slap back" echo

      - Medium (roughly 300 ms) ambient wash with maybe 5-6 repeats that gradually fade out

      - Long (maybe 350 ms) single repeat for his violin bow "repeat" tricks

      Now, since your DL-4 conveniently has three memory slots, I'd just pull up the tape echo mode, get some decent settings that mimic those sounds, and go from there. After that, you're basically all set.


      -David Gilmour Setup-

      This one is a bit more involved than Page's, but it's still not too bad. Depending on what period you're aiming for, I'd do the following:


      MXR Comp

      Line6 DM4

      Line6 DL4

      Crate Vintage Club Head and 2x12


      Basically, Gilmour's classic sound is an old strat with compression, into a Cornish tape-style echo, into a "pushed" Hiwatt setup - he'll then throw on a fat, thick Tube Driver or even Big Muff to boost his sounds for leads. Thus, what you'll firstly want to do is - in a similar manner to the Page approach - set up the Crate to have a very balanced, clear, fat tone with only a hint of compression/overdrive when you dig into the strings. Then turn on the comp and set it so that it's simply balancing things out, not squishing your sound too much at all.

      As far as the echo, you'll want to set the DL4 to the tape-echo mode and dial up a sound that's not too overt or present - just a nice subtle wash of ambience in the background (again, about 300 ms). With this in place, you've essentially got Gilmour's base sound. If you want that classic lead tone, simply dial in either the Tube Driver or Big Muff setting on the DM-4 and set it so that the tone is fat and rounded, and there isn't too much gain - you're mainly using the girth of the distortion to boost and fatten the whole sound of the setup. If you feel saucy, you can always throw in the Phase 90 to get some "Have a Cigar" or other pulsing modulation effects from the Animals/Wish You Were Here era. . .but I'd probably stick to the basics.


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        Kay, so I have no problems with those guitar choices. You're on the right track there.

        But you have to consolidate your effects. Four giant Line 6 things is ridiculous now that the M13/M9 are out and on the used market. I'd swap all your XX-4 units for an M13, patch some dirt boxes through the loop (Tonebender-style and a Gilmore muff-style). With the Crybaby, Id drop a new pot in there and use it as an expression for the M13. You could do all of this on a PT-2 and be totally good to go.
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          ditch everything, get a single channel tube amp, an analog delay, a chorus, a small stone and a big muff.

          instant gilmour.

          for page, use humbuckers.

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          i have an expression pedal that i didn;t mention.




          thank you all for the help. i was playing around with some settings today and got a good page like sounds with my SG Double neck.


          gilmour tone will take some more work.


          i do think having 4 giant line 6 pedals is a bit much. maybe an m-13 is the way to go.

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        Pooter in da house wit his salad shooter skillz props


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          If you can spare the cash, get the Axe FX... and be done. It can nail any of the sounds you want, and you can download the patches from other users... easy peasy

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